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for sparkly trinkets and deep dark secrets,
for all the dust that collects along the way.

Donut Mitosis


Donut Mitosis

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can we begin again?

can we begin again each morning

when we wake up by each other’s side?

can we fall for one another again each breakfast

and long for each other at lunch?

can we start anew each evening

when we return home to each other?

can we wipe away all the frustrations

all the fears and the tears and the self-indulgences

each night as we fall asleep in one another’s arms,

so that we may start again each morning,

fall in love again each day?

can we begin again

and again

and again 

and again?

what if nothing’s changed?

what if, with your abrupt appearance, it all begins again?

feelings and thoughts revisited

we can only hope that, with the familiarity of our situation

that are paths are spirals ascending 

and not mere circles redundant. 

EVERYONE is faking it. NO ONE feels comfortable being an adult. Everyone feels like an imposter. I feel like an imposter all the time.” —John Green, on adulthood (via wimblywomblys)


n. the moment you realize that you’re currently happy—consciously trying to savor the feeling—which prompts your intellect to identify it, pick it apart and put it in context, where it will slowly dissolve until it’s little more than an aftertaste.

when do we begin?

when we say hello?

when we press our lips?

when we say the words?

when we speak our fears?

when we promise our lives?

when we sign our names?

when do we begin..

we began in silence

when I sat 

and you put away the dishes



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Does it ever get any easier? 






An honest Target slogan. [via]


An honest Target slogan. [via]

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